Our Story

We embrace the finer things in life. 

We are the overachievers who believe in themselves.

We’re our own inspiration.

We are NOT DEAD.


Our products are made entirely of organic cotton, grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs. This method of cultivation requires half as much water as conventional cotton and respects ecosystems and biodiversity. We always choose the highest quality for our products.

Heavyweight Cotton 

Long-Lasting: When you make the transition to heavyweight cotton, you will notice the difference in the duration of your clothes. You will not have to constantly run to the store to replace your work clothes. Instead, you can wash them multiple times and dry them until there is no moisture left.

It Does Not Tear Easy: Another plus is the fact that heavyweight cotton is tough. If your work usually wears out other fabrics and you find that you get holes in your clothes, make the switch to heavyweight cotton. Because the fibers are woven tightly and very close, you will not have tears so easily.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles: Your job might not require you to look nice and neat all the time. Even if it does not, you still may want to keep up your appearance for your own reasons. With other fabrics that are loose and tight, wrinkles come about easily, but with heavyweight cotton, you never have to worry about this being a problem. 

Warmth – Heavyweight cotton is heavier and denser, and does a better job at trapping heat. Some heavyweight cotton fabrics, like canvas, can even offer some water resistance and protection from light precipitation.

Wearable art

All of our designs are made by local artists which we have a great relationship with. We support our local artists and we believe that art should not be only drawn, sculptured, tattoed or kept on a wall but also worn.